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package transform

import ""


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type BytesReader Uses

type BytesReader interface {
    // The slice given by Bytes is valid for use only until the next buffer modification.
    // That is, if you want to use this value outside of the current transformer step,
    // you need to take a copy.
    Bytes() []byte


BytesReader wraps the Bytes method, usually implemented by bytes.Buffer, and an io.Reader.

type Chain Uses

type Chain []Transformer

Chain is an ordered processing chain. The next transform operation will receive the output from the previous.

func New Uses

func New(trs ...Transformer) Chain

New creates a content transformer chain given the provided transform funcs.

func NewEmpty Uses

func NewEmpty() Chain

NewEmpty creates a new slice of transformers with a capacity of 20.

func (*Chain) Apply Uses

func (c *Chain) Apply(to io.Writer, from io.Reader) error

Apply passes the given from io.Reader through the transformation chain. The result is written to to.

type FromTo Uses

type FromTo interface {
    From() BytesReader
    To() io.Writer

FromTo is sent to each transformation step in the chain.

type Transformer Uses

type Transformer func(ft FromTo) error

Transformer is the func that needs to be implemented by a transformation step.



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