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package transform

import ""


Package Files

absurl.go absurlreplacer.go chain.go hugogeneratorinject.go livereloadinject.go


var AbsURL = func(ct contentTransformer) {

AbsURL replaces relative URLs with absolute ones in HTML files, using the baseURL setting.

var AbsURLInXML = func(ct contentTransformer) {

AbsURLInXML replaces relative URLs with absolute ones in XML files, using the baseURL setting.

func HugoGeneratorInject Uses

func HugoGeneratorInject(ct contentTransformer)

HugoGeneratorInject injects a meta generator tag for Hugo if none present.

func LiveReloadInject Uses

func LiveReloadInject(port int) func(ct contentTransformer)

LiveReloadInject returns a function that can be used to inject a script tag for the livereload JavaScript in a HTML document.

func NewChain Uses

func NewChain(trs chain

NewChain creates a chained content transformer given the provided transforms.

func NewEmptyTransforms Uses

func NewEmptyTransforms() []link

NewEmptyTransforms creates a new slice of transforms with a capacity of 20.

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