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package gi

import ""

Package gi is the top-level repository for the GoGi GUI framework.

All of the code is in the sub-packages within this repository:

* gi: contains the main 2D GUI code

* gi3d: contains the 3D scenegraph framework, that interoperates seamlessly with the 2D.

* giv: are more complex Views of Go data structures, built out of gi widgets, supporting the Model-View paradigm.

* svg: provides a full SVG rendering framework, used for Icons, and in its own right.

* oswin: is the OS-specific framework, originally based on Shiny, that provides all the gory guts for dealing with different OS's.

* examples: contains a number of useful examples for learning how to use GoGi -- see widgets and its README file for a basic introduction. marbles is really fun!


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giPackage Gi (GoGi) provides a Graphical Interface based on GoKi Tree Node structs
gi3dPackage gi3d provides a 3D scenegraph for the GoGi GUI framework.
gi3d/io/objPackage obj is used to parse the Wavefront OBJ file format (*.obj), including associated materials (*.mtl).
gimainPackage gimain provides a Main function that encapsulates the standard oswin driver main function, and also ensures that standard sub-packages that are required for typical gi gui usage are automatically included
givPackage GiV (GoGi Views) provides a model / view framework to view Go data using reflection
histylepackage histyle provides syntax highlighting styles -- it is based on which in turn was based on the python pygments package.
mat32mat32 is our version of the G3N math32 32-bit, 3D rendering-based math library.
oswinPackage oswin provides interfaces for OS-specific GUI hardware for portable two-dimensional graphics and input events.
oswin/clipPackage clip defines the system clipboard for the GoGi GUI system.
oswin/cursorPackage cursor defines the oswin cursor interface and standard system cursors that are supported across platforms
oswin/dndPackage dnd defines the system drag-and-drop events for the GoGi GUI system.
oswin/driverPackage driver provides the default driver for accessing a screen.
oswin/driver/internal/drawerPackage drawer provides functions that help implement screen.Drawer methods.
oswin/driver/internal/_errappPackage errapp provides a stub App implementation.
oswin/driver/internal/eventPackage event provides an infinitely buffered double-ended queue of events.
oswin/driver/internal/_macdriverPackage macdriver provides an OpenGL-based driver for MacOS platform.
oswin/driver/internal/_swizzlePackage swizzle provides functions for converting between RGBA pixel formats.
oswin/driver/internal/_x11driverPackage x11driver provides the X11 driver for oswin
oswin/gpuPackage gpu provides an abstract interface to a graphical processing unit (GPU).
oswin/keyPackage key defines an event for physical keyboard keys, for the GoGi GUI system.
oswin/mimedataPackage mimedata defines MIME data support used in clipboard and drag-and-drop functions in the GoGi GUI.
oswin/mousePackage mouse defines mouse events, for the GoGi GUI system.
oswin/touchPackage touch defines an event for touch input, for the GoGi GUI system.
oswin/windowPackage window defines events associated with windows -- including changes in the dimensions, physical resolution and orientation of the app's window, and iconify, open and close events.
spellPackage spell provides functions for spell check and correction
svgPackage svg provides SVG rendering classes, I/O parsing: full SVG rendering
unitsPackage Units supports full range of CSS-style length units (em, px, dp, etc)
vciPackage vci provides a version control interface for version control systems such as git, svn, etc.

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