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package godep

import ""


Package Files


type Importer Uses

type Importer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Importer imports godep configuration into the dep configuration format.

func NewImporter Uses

func NewImporter(logger *log.Logger, verbose bool, sm gps.SourceManager) *Importer

NewImporter for godep.

func (*Importer) HasDepMetadata Uses

func (g *Importer) HasDepMetadata(dir string) bool

HasDepMetadata checks if a directory contains config that the importer can handle.

func (*Importer) Import Uses

func (g *Importer) Import(dir string, pr gps.ProjectRoot) (*dep.Manifest, *dep.Lock, error)

Import the config found in the directory.

func (*Importer) Name Uses

func (g *Importer) Name() string

Name of the importer.

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