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package importertest

import ""


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testcase.go testdata.go


const (
    // RootProject is the containing project performing the import.
    RootProject = ""

    // Project being imported.
    Project = ""

    // ProjectSrc is an alternate source for the imported project.
    ProjectSrc = ""

    // UntaggedRev is a revision without any tags.
    UntaggedRev = "9b670d143bfb4a00f7461451d5c4a62f80e9d11d"

    // UntaggedRevAbbrv is the result of running `git describe` on UntaggedRev
    UntaggedRevAbbrv = "v1.0.0-1-g9b670d1"

    // Beta1Tag is a non-semver tag.
    Beta1Tag = "beta1"

    // Beta1Rev is the revision of Beta1Tag
    Beta1Rev = "7913ab26988c6fb1e16225f845a178e8849dd254"

    // V2Branch is a branch that could be interpreted as a semver tag (but shouldn't).
    V2Branch = "v2"

    // V2Rev is the HEAD revision of V2Branch.
    V2Rev = "45dcf5a09c64b48b6e836028a3bc672b19b9d11d"

    // V2PatchTag is a prerelease semver tag on the non-default branch.
    V2PatchTag = "v2.0.0-alpha1"

    // V2PatchRev is the revision of V2PatchTag.
    V2PatchRev = "347760b50204948ea63e531dd6560e56a9adde8f"

    // V1Tag is a semver tag that matches V1Constraint.
    V1Tag = "v1.0.0"

    // V1Rev is the revision of V1Tag.
    V1Rev = "d0c29640b17f77426b111f4c1640d716591aa70e"

    // V1PatchTag is a semver tag that matches V1Constraint.
    V1PatchTag = "v1.0.2"

    // V1PatchRev is the revision of V1PatchTag
    V1PatchRev = "788963efe22e3e6e24c776a11a57468bb2fcd780"

    // V1Constraint is a constraint that matches multiple semver tags.
    V1Constraint = "^1.0.0"

    // MultiTaggedRev is a revision with multiple tags.
    MultiTaggedRev = "34cf993cc346f65601fe4356dd68bd54d20a1bfe"

    // MultiTaggedSemverTag is a semver tag on MultiTaggedRev.
    MultiTaggedSemverTag = "v1.0.4"

    // MultiTaggedPlainTag is a non-semver tag on MultiTaggedRev.
    MultiTaggedPlainTag = "stable"

    // NonexistentPrj is a dummy project which does not exist on Github.
    NonexistentPrj = ""

func NewTestContext Uses

func NewTestContext(h *test.Helper) *dep.Ctx

NewTestContext creates a unique context with its own GOPATH for a single test.

type TestCase Uses

type TestCase struct {
    DefaultConstraintFromLock bool
    WantSourceRepo            string
    WantConstraint            string
    WantRevision              gps.Revision
    WantVersion               string
    WantIgnored               []string
    WantRequired              []string
    WantWarning               string

TestCase is a common set of validations applied to the result of an importer converting from an external config format to dep's.

func (TestCase) Execute Uses

func (tc TestCase) Execute(t *testing.T, convert func(logger *log.Logger, sm gps.SourceManager) (*dep.Manifest, *dep.Lock)) error

Execute and validate the test case.

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