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package buildid

import "github.com/golang/go/src/cmd/internal/buildid"


Package Files

buildid.go note.go rewrite.go

func FindAndHash Uses

func FindAndHash(r io.Reader, id string, bufSize int) (matches []int64, hash [32]byte, err error)

FindAndHash reads all of r and returns the offsets of occurrences of id. While reading, findAndHash also computes and returns a hash of the content of r, but with occurrences of id replaced by zeros. FindAndHash reads bufSize bytes from r at a time. If bufSize == 0, FindAndHash uses a reasonable default.

func ReadELFNote Uses

func ReadELFNote(filename, name string, typ int32) ([]byte, error)

func ReadFile Uses

func ReadFile(name string) (id string, err error)

ReadFile reads the build ID from an archive or executable file.

func Rewrite Uses

func Rewrite(w io.WriterAt, pos []int64, id string) error

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