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package option

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/cmd/gateway/option"


Package Files


type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    K8SConfPath  string
    EtcdEndpoint []string
    EtcdTimeout  int
    ListenPorts  ListenPorts
    //This number should be, at maximum, the number of CPU cores on your system.
    WorkerProcesses    int
    WorkerRlimitNofile int
    ErrorLog           string
    WorkerConnections  int
    //essential for linux, optmized to serve many clients with each thread
    EnableEpool       bool
    EnableMultiAccept bool
    KeepaliveTimeout  int
    KeepaliveRequests int
    NginxUser         string
    IP                string
    ResyncPeriod      time.Duration
    // health check
    HealthPath         string
    HealthCheckTimeout time.Duration

    EnableMetrics bool

    EnableRbdEndpoints bool
    RbdEndpointsKey    string // key of Rainbond endpoints in ETCD
    EnableKApiServer   bool
    KApiServerIP       string
    EnableLangGrMe     bool
    LangGrMeIP         string
    EnableMVNGrMe      bool
    MVNGrMeIP          string
    EnableGrMe         bool
    GrMeIP             string
    EnableRepoGrMe     bool
    RepoGrMeIP         string
    NodeName           string
    HostIP             string
    EnableInterface    []string

Config contains all configuration

type GWServer Uses

type GWServer struct {
    LogLevel string
    Debug    bool

GWServer contains Config and LogLevel

func NewGWServer Uses

func NewGWServer() *GWServer

NewGWServer creates a new option.GWServer

func (*GWServer) AddFlags Uses

func (g *GWServer) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags

func (*GWServer) CheckConfig Uses

func (g *GWServer) CheckConfig() error

CheckConfig check config

func (*GWServer) SetLog Uses

func (g *GWServer) SetLog()

SetLog sets log

type ListenPorts Uses

type ListenPorts struct {
    HTTP   int
    HTTPS  int
    Status int
    Health int

ListenPorts describe the ports required to run the gateway controller

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