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package option

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/cmd/monitor/option"


Package Files


type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    EtcdEndpointsLine string
    EtcdEndpoints     []string
    LogLevel          string
    AdvertiseAddr     string
    BindIp            string
    Port              int

    StartArgs            []string
    ConfigFile           string
    AlertingRulesFile    string
    AlertManagerUrl      []string
    LocalStoragePath     string
    Web                  Web
    Tsdb                 Tsdb
    WebTimeout           string
    RemoteFlushDeadline  string
    AlertmanagerCapacity string
    AlertmanagerTimeout  string
    QueryLookbackDelta   string
    QueryTimeout         string
    QueryMaxConcurrency  string
    CadvisorListenPort   int

func NewConfig Uses

func NewConfig() *Config

func (*Config) AddFlag Uses

func (c *Config) AddFlag(cmd *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlag monitor flag

func (*Config) AddPrometheusFlag Uses

func (c *Config) AddPrometheusFlag(cmd *pflag.FlagSet)

AddPrometheusFlag prometheus flag

func (*Config) CompleteConfig Uses

func (c *Config) CompleteConfig()

type Tsdb Uses

type Tsdb struct {
    // The interval at which the write ahead log is flushed to disc.
    WALFlushInterval time.Duration

    // The timestamp range of head blocks after which they get persisted.
    // It's the minimum duration of any persisted block.
    MinBlockDuration string

    // The maximum timestamp range of compacted blocks.
    MaxBlockDuration string

    // Duration for how long to retain data.
    Retention string

    // Disable creation and consideration of lockfile.
    NoLockfile bool

Options of the DB storage.

type Web Uses

type Web struct {
    ListenAddress        string
    ReadTimeout          time.Duration
    MaxConnections       int
    ExternalURL          string
    RoutePrefix          string
    UseLocalAssets       bool
    UserAssetsPath       string
    ConsoleTemplatesPath string
    ConsoleLibrariesPath string
    EnableLifecycle      bool
    EnableAdminAPI       bool

Options for the web Handler.

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