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package option

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/cmd/node/option"


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var (

    //Config config
    Config = new(Conf)

func Init Uses

func Init() error

Init init config

type Conf Uses

type Conf struct {
    APIAddr                         string //api server listen port
    GrpcAPIAddr                     string //grpc api server listen port
    PrometheusAPI                   string //Prometheus server listen port
    K8SConfPath                     string //absolute path to the kubeconfig file
    LogLevel                        string
    LogFile                         string
    HostID                          string
    HostIP                          string
    PodIP                           string
    RunMode                         string //ACP_NODE 运行模式:master,node
    NodeRule                        string //节点属性 compute manage storage
    Service                         string //服务注册与发现
    InitStatus                      string
    NodePath                        string   //Rainbond node model basic information storage path in etcd
    EventLogServer                  []string //event server address list
    ConfigStoragePath               string   //config storage path in etcd
    LockPath                        string
    TTL                             int64         // node heartbeat to master TTL
    PodCIDR                         string        //pod cidr, when master not set cidr,this parameter can take effect
    EtcdEndpoints                   []string      // etcd endpoints
    EtcdDialTimeout                 time.Duration // etcd dial timeout
    EtcdCaFile                      string        // etcd ca file
    EtcdCertFile                    string        // etcd cert file
    EtcdKeyFile                     string        // etcd key file
    StatsdConfig                    StatsdConfig
    UDPMonitorConfig                UDPMonitorConfig
    MinResyncPeriod                 time.Duration
    AutoUnschedulerUnHealthDuration time.Duration
    AutoScheduler                   bool
    ReqTimeout                      int

    // for node controller
    ServiceListFile string
    ServiceManager  string
    EnableInitStart bool
    AutoRegistNode  bool
    //enable collect docker container log
    EnableCollectLog bool
    DockerCli        *dockercli.Client
    EtcdCli          *client.Client

    LicPath   string
    LicSoPath string

    // EnableImageGC is the trigger of image garbage collection.
    EnableImageGC bool
    // imageMinimumGCAge is the minimum age for an unused image before it is
    // garbage collected.
    ImageMinimumGCAge time.Duration
    // imageGCHighThresholdPercent is the percent of disk usage after which
    // image garbage collection is always run. The percent is calculated as
    // this field value out of 100.
    ImageGCHighThresholdPercent int32
    // imageGCLowThresholdPercent is the percent of disk usage before which
    // image garbage collection is never run. Lowest disk usage to garbage
    // collect to. The percent is calculated as this field value out of 100.
    ImageGCLowThresholdPercent int32
    // ImageGCPeriod is the period for performing image garbage collection.
    ImageGCPeriod time.Duration

    // Namespace for Rainbond application.
    RbdNamespace        string
    ImageRepositoryHost string
    GatewayVIP          string
    HostsFile           string

Conf Conf

func (*Conf) AddFlags Uses

func (a *Conf) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags AddFlags

func (*Conf) ParseClient Uses

func (a *Conf) ParseClient(ctx context.Context, etcdClientArgs *etcdutil.ClientArgs) (err error)

ParseClient handle config and create some api

func (*Conf) SetLog Uses

func (a *Conf) SetLog()

SetLog 设置log

type StatsdConfig Uses

type StatsdConfig struct {
    StatsdListenAddress string
    StatsdListenUDP     string
    StatsdListenTCP     string
    MappingConfig       string
    ReadBuffer          int

StatsdConfig StatsdConfig

type UDPMonitorConfig Uses

type UDPMonitorConfig struct {
    ListenHost string
    ListenPort string

UDPMonitorConfig UDPMonitorConfig

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