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package db

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/eventlog/db"


Package Files

UnifyDB.go eventFilePlugin.go filePlugin.go manager.go model.go

func CheckLevel Uses

func CheckLevel(flag, level string) bool

CheckLevel check log level

func CreateDBManager Uses

func CreateDBManager(conf conf.DBConf) error

CreateDBManager -

func GetLevelFlag Uses

func GetLevelFlag(level string) []byte

GetLevelFlag get log level flag

func GetServiceAliasID Uses

func GetServiceAliasID(ServiceID string) string

GetServiceAliasID python: new_word = str(ord(string[10])) + string + str(ord(string[3])) + 'log' + str(ord(string[2]) / 7) new_id = hashlib.sha224(new_word).hexdigest()[0:16]

func GetTimeUnix Uses

func GetTimeUnix(timeStr string) int64

GetTimeUnix get specified time unix

func MvLogFile Uses

func MvLogFile(newName string, filePath string) error

MvLogFile 更改文件名称,压缩

type ClusterMessage Uses

type ClusterMessage struct {
    Data []byte
    Mode ClusterMessageType

type ClusterMessageType Uses

type ClusterMessageType string
const (
    //EventMessage 操作日志共享
    EventMessage ClusterMessageType = "event_log"
    //ServiceMonitorMessage 业务监控数据消息
    ServiceMonitorMessage ClusterMessageType = "monitor_message"
    //ServiceNewMonitorMessage 新业务监控数据消息
    ServiceNewMonitorMessage ClusterMessageType = "new_monitor_message"
    //MonitorMessage 节点监控数据
    MonitorMessage ClusterMessageType = "monitor"

type EventFilePlugin Uses

type EventFilePlugin struct {
    HomePath string

EventFilePlugin EventFilePlugin

func (*EventFilePlugin) Close Uses

func (m *EventFilePlugin) Close() error

Close Close

func (*EventFilePlugin) GetMessages Uses

func (m *EventFilePlugin) GetMessages(eventID, level string, length int) (interface{}, error)

GetMessages GetMessages

func (*EventFilePlugin) SaveMessage Uses

func (m *EventFilePlugin) SaveMessage(events []*EventLogMessage) error

SaveMessage save event log to file

type EventLogMessage Uses

type EventLogMessage struct {
    EventID string `json:"event_id"`
    Step    string `json:"step"`
    Status  string `json:"status"`
    Message string `json:"message"`
    Level   string `json:"level"`
    Time    string `json:"time"`
    Content []byte `json:"-"`
    MonitorData []byte `json:"monitorData,omitempty"`

EventLogMessage 事件日志实体

type Manager Uses

type Manager interface {
    SaveMessage([]*EventLogMessage) error
    Close() error
    GetMessages(id, level string, length int) (interface{}, error)

func NewManager Uses

func NewManager(conf conf.DBConf, log *logrus.Entry) (Manager, error)

NewManager 创建存储管理器

type MessageData Uses

type MessageData struct {
    Message  string `json:"message"`
    Time     string `json:"time"`
    Unixtime int64  `json:"utime"`

MessageData message data 获取指定操作的操作日志

type MessageDataList Uses

type MessageDataList []MessageData

MessageDataList MessageDataList

func (MessageDataList) Len Uses

func (a MessageDataList) Len() int

func (MessageDataList) Less Uses

func (a MessageDataList) Less(i, j int) bool

func (MessageDataList) Swap Uses

func (a MessageDataList) Swap(i, j int)

type MonitorData Uses

type MonitorData struct {
    InstanceID   string
    ServiceSize  int
    LogSizePeerM int64

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