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package proxy

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/gateway/annotations/proxy"


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func NewParser Uses

func NewParser(r resolver.Resolver) parser.IngressAnnotation

NewParser creates a new reverse proxy configuration annotation parser

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    BodySize          int               `json:"bodySize"`
    ConnectTimeout    int               `json:"connectTimeout"`
    SendTimeout       int               `json:"sendTimeout"`
    ReadTimeout       int               `json:"readTimeout"`
    BuffersNumber     int               `json:"buffersNumber"`
    BufferSize        string            `json:"bufferSize"`
    CookieDomain      string            `json:"cookieDomain"`
    CookiePath        string            `json:"cookiePath"`
    NextUpstream      string            `json:"nextUpstream"`
    NextUpstreamTries int               `json:"nextUpstreamTries"`
    ProxyRedirectFrom string            `json:"proxyRedirectFrom"`
    ProxyRedirectTo   string            `json:"proxyRedirectTo"`
    RequestBuffering  string            `json:"requestBuffering"`
    ProxyBuffering    string            `json:"proxyBuffering"`
    SetHeaders        map[string]string `json:"setHeaders"`

Config returns the proxy timeout to use in the upstream server/s

func NewProxyConfig Uses

func NewProxyConfig() Config

func (*Config) Equal Uses

func (l1 *Config) Equal(l2 *Config) bool

Equal tests for equality between two Configuration types

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