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package prometheus

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/monitor/prometheus"


Package Files

config.go manager.go rules_manager.go


const (
    // STARTING starting
    STARTING = iota
    // STARTED started
    //STOPPED stoped

type AlertingConfig Uses

type AlertingConfig struct {
    AlertRelabelConfigs []*RelabelConfig      `yaml:"alert_relabel_configs,omitempty"`
    AlertmanagerConfigs []*AlertmanagerConfig `yaml:"alertmanagers,omitempty"`

AlertingConfig configures alerting and alertmanager related configs.

type AlertingNameConfig Uses

type AlertingNameConfig struct {
    Name  string         `yaml:"name" json:"name"`
    Rules []*RulesConfig `yaml:"rules" json:"rules"`

AlertingNameConfig alerting config

type AlertingRulesConfig Uses

type AlertingRulesConfig struct {
    Groups []*AlertingNameConfig `yaml:"groups" json:"groups"`

AlertingRulesConfig alerting rule config

type AlertingRulesManager Uses

type AlertingRulesManager struct {
    RulesConfig *AlertingRulesConfig
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AlertingRulesManager alerting rule manage

func NewRulesManager Uses

func NewRulesManager(config *option.Config) *AlertingRulesManager

NewRulesManager new rule manager

func (*AlertingRulesManager) AddRules Uses

func (a *AlertingRulesManager) AddRules(val AlertingNameConfig) error

AddRules add rule

func (*AlertingRulesManager) InitRulesConfig Uses

func (a *AlertingRulesManager) InitRulesConfig()

InitRulesConfig init rule config

func (*AlertingRulesManager) LoadAlertingRulesConfig Uses

func (a *AlertingRulesManager) LoadAlertingRulesConfig() error

LoadAlertingRulesConfig load alerting rule config

func (*AlertingRulesManager) SaveAlertingRulesConfig Uses

func (a *AlertingRulesManager) SaveAlertingRulesConfig() error

SaveAlertingRulesConfig save alerting rule config

type AlertmanagerConfig Uses

type AlertmanagerConfig struct {
    ServiceDiscoveryConfig ServiceDiscoveryConfig `yaml:",inline"`
    HTTPClientConfig       HTTPClientConfig       `yaml:",inline"`

    // The URL scheme to use when talking to Alertmanagers.
    Scheme string `yaml:"scheme,omitempty"`
    // Path prefix to add in front of the push endpoint path.
    PathPrefix string `yaml:"path_prefix,omitempty"`
    // The timeout used when sending alerts.
    Timeout time.Duration `yaml:"timeout,omitempty"`

    // List of Alertmanager relabel configurations.
    RelabelConfigs []*RelabelConfig `yaml:"relabel_configs,omitempty"`

AlertmanagerConfig configures how Alertmanagers can be discovered and communicated with.

type BasicAuth Uses

type BasicAuth struct {
    Username     string `yaml:"username"`
    Password     Secret `yaml:"password,omitempty"`
    PasswordFile string `yaml:"password_file,omitempty"`

    // Catches all undefined fields and must be empty after parsing.
    XXX map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline"`

BasicAuth contains basic HTTP authentication credentials.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    GlobalConfig   GlobalConfig    `yaml:"global"`
    AlertingConfig AlertingConfig  `yaml:"alerting,omitempty"`
    RuleFiles      []string        `yaml:"rule_files,omitempty"`
    ScrapeConfigs  []*ScrapeConfig `yaml:"scrape_configs,omitempty"`

    RemoteWriteConfigs []*RemoteWriteConfig `yaml:"remote_write,omitempty"`
    RemoteReadConfigs  []*RemoteReadConfig  `yaml:"remote_read,omitempty"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Config is the top-level configuration for Prometheus's config files.

type GlobalConfig Uses

type GlobalConfig struct {
    // How frequently to scrape targets by default.
    ScrapeInterval model.Duration `yaml:"scrape_interval,omitempty"`
    // The default timeout when scraping targets.
    ScrapeTimeout model.Duration `yaml:"scrape_timeout,omitempty"`
    // How frequently to evaluate rules by default.
    EvaluationInterval model.Duration `yaml:"evaluation_interval,omitempty"`
    // The labels to add to any timeseries that this Prometheus instance scrapes.
    ExternalLabels model.LabelSet `yaml:"external_labels,omitempty"`

GlobalConfig configures values that are used across other configuration objects.

type Group Uses

type Group struct {
    // Targets is a list of targets identified by a label set. Each target is
    // uniquely identifiable in the group by its address label.
    Targets []string `yaml:"targets,flow"`
    // Labels is a set of labels that is common across all targets in the group.
    Labels model.LabelSet `yaml:"labels,omitempty"`

    // Source is an identifier that describes a group of targets.
    Source string `yaml:"source,omitempty"`

type HTTPClientConfig Uses

type HTTPClientConfig struct {
    // The HTTP basic authentication credentials for the targets.
    BasicAuth *BasicAuth `yaml:"basic_auth,omitempty"`
    // The bearer token for the targets.
    BearerToken Secret `yaml:"bearer_token,omitempty"`
    // The bearer token file for the targets.
    BearerTokenFile string `yaml:"bearer_token_file,omitempty"`
    // HTTP proxy server to use to connect to the targets.
    ProxyURL URL `yaml:"proxy_url,omitempty"`
    // TLSConfig to use to connect to the targets.
    TLSConfig TLSConfig `yaml:"tls_config,omitempty"`

    // Catches all undefined fields and must be empty after parsing.
    XXX map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline"`

HTTPClientConfig configures an HTTP client.

type Manager Uses

type Manager struct {
    Opt      *option.Config
    Config   *Config
    Process  *os.Process
    Status   int
    Registry *discover.KeepAlive
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager manage struct

func NewManager Uses

func NewManager(config *option.Config, a *AlertingRulesManager) *Manager

NewManager new manager

func (*Manager) LoadConfig Uses

func (p *Manager) LoadConfig() error

LoadConfig load config

func (*Manager) RestartDaemon Uses

func (p *Manager) RestartDaemon() error

RestartDaemon restart daemon

func (*Manager) SaveConfig Uses

func (p *Manager) SaveConfig() error

SaveConfig save config

func (*Manager) StartDaemon Uses

func (p *Manager) StartDaemon(errchan chan error)

StartDaemon start prometheus daemon

func (*Manager) StopDaemon Uses

func (p *Manager) StopDaemon()

StopDaemon stop daemon

func (*Manager) UpdateScrape Uses

func (p *Manager) UpdateScrape(scrape *ScrapeConfig)

UpdateScrape update scrape

type QueueConfig Uses

type QueueConfig struct {
    // Number of samples to buffer per shard before we start dropping them.
    Capacity int `yaml:"capacity,omitempty"`

    // Max number of shards, i.e. amount of concurrency.
    MaxShards int `yaml:"max_shards,omitempty"`

    // Maximum number of samples per send.
    MaxSamplesPerSend int `yaml:"max_samples_per_send,omitempty"`

    // Maximum time sample will wait in buffer.
    BatchSendDeadline time.Duration `yaml:"batch_send_deadline,omitempty"`

    // Max number of times to retry a batch on recoverable errors.
    MaxRetries int `yaml:"max_retries,omitempty"`

    // On recoverable errors, backoff exponentially.
    MinBackoff time.Duration `yaml:"min_backoff,omitempty"`
    MaxBackoff time.Duration `yaml:"max_backoff,omitempty"`

QueueConfig is the configuration for the queue used to write to remote storage.

type Regexp Uses

type Regexp struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Regexp encapsulates a regexp.Regexp and makes it YAML marshallable.

func MustNewRegexp Uses

func MustNewRegexp(s string) Regexp

MustNewRegexp works like NewRegexp, but panics if the regular expression does not compile.

func NewRegexp Uses

func NewRegexp(s string) (Regexp, error)

NewRegexp creates a new anchored Regexp and returns an error if the passed-in regular expression does not compile.

func (Regexp) MarshalYAML Uses

func (re Regexp) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error)

MarshalYAML implements the yaml.Marshaler interface.

func (*Regexp) UnmarshalYAML Uses

func (re *Regexp) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

UnmarshalYAML implements the yaml.Unmarshaler interface.

type RelabelAction Uses

type RelabelAction string

RelabelAction is the action to be performed on relabeling.

type RelabelConfig Uses

type RelabelConfig struct {
    // A list of labels from which values are taken and concatenated
    // with the configured separator in order.
    SourceLabels model.LabelNames `yaml:"source_labels,flow,omitempty"`
    // Separator is the string between concatenated values from the source labels.
    Separator string `yaml:"separator,omitempty"`
    // Regex against which the concatenation is matched.
    Regex Regexp `yaml:"regex,omitempty"`
    // Modulus to take of the hash of concatenated values from the source labels.
    Modulus uint64 `yaml:"modulus,omitempty"`
    // TargetLabel is the label to which the resulting string is written in a replacement.
    // Regexp interpolation is allowed for the replace action.
    TargetLabel string `yaml:"target_label,omitempty"`
    // Replacement is the regex replacement pattern to be used.
    Replacement string `yaml:"replacement,omitempty"`
    // Action is the action to be performed for the relabeling.
    Action RelabelAction `yaml:"action,omitempty"`

RelabelConfig is the configuration for relabeling of target label sets.

type RemoteReadConfig Uses

type RemoteReadConfig struct {
    URL           *URL           `yaml:"url"`
    RemoteTimeout model.Duration `yaml:"remote_timeout,omitempty"`
    ReadRecent    bool           `yaml:"read_recent,omitempty"`
    // We cannot do proper Go type embedding below as the parser will then parse
    // values arbitrarily into the overflow maps of further-down types.
    HTTPClientConfig HTTPClientConfig `yaml:",inline"`

    // RequiredMatchers is an optional list of equality matchers which have to
    // be present in a selector to query the remote read endpoint.
    RequiredMatchers model.LabelSet `yaml:"required_matchers,omitempty"`

RemoteReadConfig is the configuration for reading from remote storage.

type RemoteWriteConfig Uses

type RemoteWriteConfig struct {
    URL                 *URL             `yaml:"url"`
    RemoteTimeout       model.Duration   `yaml:"remote_timeout,omitempty"`
    WriteRelabelConfigs []*RelabelConfig `yaml:"write_relabel_configs,omitempty"`

    // We cannot do proper Go type embedding below as the parser will then parse
    // values arbitrarily into the overflow maps of further-down types.
    HTTPClientConfig HTTPClientConfig `yaml:",inline"`
    QueueConfig      QueueConfig      `yaml:"queue_config,omitempty"`

RemoteWriteConfig is the configuration for writing to remote storage.

type Role Uses

type Role string

Role is role of the service in Kubernetes.

const (
    RoleNode     Role = "node"
    RolePod      Role = "pod"
    RoleService  Role = "service"
    RoleEndpoint Role = "endpoints"
    RoleIngress  Role = "ingress"

The valid options for Role.

type RulesConfig Uses

type RulesConfig struct {
    Alert       string            `yaml:"alert" json:"alert"`
    Expr        string            `yaml:"expr" json:"expr"`
    For         string            `yaml:"for" json:"for"`
    Labels      map[string]string `yaml:"labels" json:"labels"`
    Annotations map[string]string `yaml:"annotations" json:"annotations"`

RulesConfig rule config

type SDConfig Uses

type SDConfig struct {
    Role Role `yaml:"role"`

SDConfig is the configuration for Kubernetes service discovery.

type ScrapeConfig Uses

type ScrapeConfig struct {
    // The job name to which the job label is set by default.
    JobName string `yaml:"job_name"`
    // Indicator whether the scraped metrics should remain unmodified.
    HonorLabels bool `yaml:"honor_labels,omitempty"`
    // A set of query parameters with which the target is scraped.
    Params url.Values `yaml:"params,omitempty"`
    // How frequently to scrape the targets of this scrape config.
    ScrapeInterval model.Duration `yaml:"scrape_interval,omitempty"`
    // The timeout for scraping targets of this config.
    ScrapeTimeout model.Duration `yaml:"scrape_timeout,omitempty"`
    // The HTTP resource path on which to fetch metrics from targets.
    MetricsPath string `yaml:"metrics_path,omitempty"`
    // The URL scheme with which to fetch metrics from targets.
    Scheme string `yaml:"scheme,omitempty"`
    // More than this many samples post metric-relabelling will cause the scrape to fail.
    SampleLimit uint `yaml:"sample_limit,omitempty"`

    ServiceDiscoveryConfig ServiceDiscoveryConfig `yaml:",inline"`
    HTTPClientConfig       HTTPClientConfig       `yaml:",inline"`

    // List of target relabel configurations.
    RelabelConfigs []*RelabelConfig `yaml:"relabel_configs,omitempty"`
    // List of metric relabel configurations.
    MetricRelabelConfigs []*RelabelConfig `yaml:"metric_relabel_configs,omitempty"`

ScrapeConfig configures a scraping unit for Prometheus.

type Secret Uses

type Secret string

Secret special type for storing secrets.

type ServiceDiscoveryConfig Uses

type ServiceDiscoveryConfig struct {
    // List of labeled target groups for this job.
    StaticConfigs []*Group `yaml:"static_configs,omitempty"`
    // List of Kubernetes service discovery configurations.
    KubernetesSDConfigs []*SDConfig `yaml:"kubernetes_sd_configs,omitempty"`

ServiceDiscoveryConfig configures lists of different service discovery mechanisms.

type TLSConfig Uses

type TLSConfig struct {
    // The CA cert to use for the targets.
    CAFile string `yaml:"ca_file,omitempty"`
    // The client cert file for the targets.
    CertFile string `yaml:"cert_file,omitempty"`
    // The client key file for the targets.
    KeyFile string `yaml:"key_file,omitempty"`
    // Used to verify the hostname for the targets.
    ServerName string `yaml:"server_name,omitempty"`
    // Disable target certificate validation.
    InsecureSkipVerify bool `yaml:"insecure_skip_verify"`

    // Catches all undefined fields and must be empty after parsing.
    XXX map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline"`

TLSConfig configures the options for TLS connections.

type URL Uses

type URL struct {

URL is a custom URL type that allows validation at configuration load time.

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