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package controller

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/worker/appm/controller"


Package Files

apply_plugin_config.go apply_rule.go controller.go kube-controller.go restart.go scaling.go start.go status.go stop.go upgrade.go


var ErrWaitCancel = fmt.Errorf("Wait cancel")

ErrWaitCancel wait cancel

var ErrWaitTimeOut = fmt.Errorf("Wait time out")

ErrWaitTimeOut wait time out

func CreateKubeService Uses

func CreateKubeService(client *kubernetes.Clientset, namespace string, services ...*corev1.Service) error

CreateKubeService create kube service

func GetCallbackLoggerOption Uses

func GetCallbackLoggerOption() map[string]string

GetCallbackLoggerOption get callback logger

func GetLastLoggerOption Uses

func GetLastLoggerOption() map[string]string

GetLastLoggerOption get last logger

func GetTimeoutLoggerOption Uses

func GetTimeoutLoggerOption() map[string]string

GetTimeoutLoggerOption get callback logger

func Replicas Uses

func Replicas(n int) []byte

Replicas petch replicas to n

func WaitReady Uses

func WaitReady(store store.Storer, a *v1.AppService, timeout time.Duration, logger event.Logger, cancel chan struct{}) error

WaitReady wait ready

func WaitStop Uses

func WaitStop(store store.Storer, a *v1.AppService, timeout time.Duration, logger event.Logger, cancel chan struct{}) error

WaitStop wait service stop complete

func WaitUpgradeReady Uses

func WaitUpgradeReady(store store.Storer, a *v1.AppService, timeout time.Duration, logger event.Logger, cancel chan struct{}) error

WaitUpgradeReady wait upgrade success

type Controller Uses

type Controller interface {
    Stop() error

Controller service operating controller interface

type Manager Uses

type Manager struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager controller manager

func NewManager Uses

func NewManager(store store.Storer, client *kubernetes.Clientset) *Manager

NewManager new manager

func (*Manager) GetControllerSize Uses

func (m *Manager) GetControllerSize() int

GetControllerSize get running controller number

func (*Manager) StartController Uses

func (m *Manager) StartController(controllerType TypeController, apps ...v1.AppService) error

StartController create and start service controller

func (*Manager) Stop Uses

func (m *Manager) Stop() error

Stop stop all controller

type TypeController Uses

type TypeController string

TypeController controller type

var TypeApplyConfigController TypeController = "apply_config"

TypeApplyConfigController -

var TypeApplyRuleController TypeController = "apply_rule"

TypeApplyRuleController -

var TypeRestartController TypeController = "restart"

TypeRestartController restart service type

var TypeScalingController TypeController = "scaling"

TypeScalingController start service type

var TypeStartController TypeController = "start"

TypeStartController start service type

var TypeStopController TypeController = "stop"

TypeStopController start service type

var TypeUpgradeController TypeController = "upgrade"

TypeUpgradeController start service type

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