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package conversion

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/worker/appm/conversion"


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autoscaler.go common.go conversion.go errors.go gateway.go plugin.go service.go version.go


var ErrServiceNotFound = errors.New("service not found")

ErrServiceNotFound error not found

func ApplyPluginConfig Uses

func ApplyPluginConfig(as *typesv1.AppService, servicePluginRelation *model.TenantServicePluginRelation,
    dbmanager db.Manager, inboundPluginConfig *api_model.ResourceSpec)

ApplyPluginConfig applyPluginConfig

func InitAppService Uses

func InitAppService(dbmanager db.Manager, serviceID string, configs map[string]string, enableConversionList ...string) (*v1.AppService, error)

InitAppService init a app service

func InitCacheAppService Uses

func InitCacheAppService(dbm db.Manager, serviceID, creatorID string) (*v1.AppService, error)

InitCacheAppService init cache app service. if store manager receive a kube model belong with service and not find in store,will create

func RegistConversion Uses

func RegistConversion(name string, fun Conversion)

RegistConversion regist conversion function list

func RewriteContainerPathInWindows Uses

func RewriteContainerPathInWindows(mountPath string) string

RewriteContainerPathInWindows mount path in windows

func RewriteHostPathInWindows Uses

func RewriteHostPathInWindows(hostPath string) string

RewriteHostPathInWindows rewrite host path

func ServiceSource Uses

func ServiceSource(as *v1.AppService, dbmanager db.Manager) error

ServiceSource conv ServiceSource

func TenantServiceAutoscaler Uses

func TenantServiceAutoscaler(as *v1.AppService, dbmanager db.Manager) error

TenantServiceAutoscaler -

func TenantServiceBase Uses

func TenantServiceBase(as *v1.AppService, dbmanager db.Manager) error

TenantServiceBase conv tenant service base info

func TenantServicePlugin Uses

func TenantServicePlugin(as *typesv1.AppService, dbmanager db.Manager) error

TenantServicePlugin conv service all plugin

func TenantServiceRegist Uses

func TenantServiceRegist(as *v1.AppService, dbmanager db.Manager) error

TenantServiceRegist conv inner and outer service regist

func TenantServiceVersion Uses

func TenantServiceVersion(as *v1.AppService, dbmanager db.Manager) error

TenantServiceVersion service deploy version conv. define pod spec

type AppServiceBuild Uses

type AppServiceBuild struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AppServiceBuild has the ability to build k8s service, ingress and secret

func AppServiceBuilder Uses

func AppServiceBuilder(serviceID, replicationType string, dbmanager db.Manager, as *v1.AppService) (*AppServiceBuild, error)

AppServiceBuilder returns a AppServiceBuild

func (AppServiceBuild) ApplyRules Uses

func (a AppServiceBuild) ApplyRules(serviceID string, containerPort, pluginContainerPort int,
    service *corev1.Service) ([]*extensions.Ingress, []*corev1.Secret, error)

ApplyRules applies http rules and tcp rules

func (*AppServiceBuild) Build Uses

func (a *AppServiceBuild) Build() (*v1.K8sResources, error)

Build builds service, ingress and secret for each port

func (*AppServiceBuild) BuildOnPort Uses

func (a *AppServiceBuild) BuildOnPort(p int, isOut bool) (*corev1.Service, error)

BuildOnPort 指定端口创建Service

func (*AppServiceBuild) CreateUpstreamPluginMappingPort Uses

func (a *AppServiceBuild) CreateUpstreamPluginMappingPort(
    ports []*model.TenantServicesPort,
    pluginPorts []*model.TenantServicesStreamPluginPort,
) (

CreateUpstreamPluginMappingPort 检查是否存在upstream插件,接管入口网络

func (*AppServiceBuild) CreateUpstreamPluginMappingService Uses

func (a *AppServiceBuild) CreateUpstreamPluginMappingService(services []*corev1.Service,
    pp map[int32]int) ([]*corev1.Service, error)

CreateUpstreamPluginMappingService 增加service plugin mapport 标签

type CacheConversion Uses

type CacheConversion struct {
    Name       string
    Conversion Conversion

CacheConversion conversion cache struct

type Conversion Uses

type Conversion func(*v1.AppService, db.Manager) error

Conversion conversion function Any application attribute implementation is similarly injected

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