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package client

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/worker/client"


Package Files

client.go client_pod.go

type AppRuntimeSyncClient Uses

type AppRuntimeSyncClient struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AppRuntimeSyncClient grpc client

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(ctx context.Context, conf AppRuntimeSyncClientConf) (*AppRuntimeSyncClient, error)

NewClient new client ctx must be cancel where client not used

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) AddThirdPartyEndpoint Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) AddThirdPartyEndpoint(req *model.Endpoint)

AddThirdPartyEndpoint -

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) DelThirdPartyEndpoint Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) DelThirdPartyEndpoint(uuid, sid string)

DelThirdPartyEndpoint -

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) Error Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) Error(err error)

when watch occurred error,will exec this method

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetAllStatus Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetAllStatus() map[string]string

GetAllStatus get all status

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetNeedBillingStatus Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetNeedBillingStatus() (map[string]string, error)

GetNeedBillingStatus get need billing status

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetPodDetail Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetPodDetail(sid, name string) (*pb.PodDetail, error)

GetPodDetail -

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetServiceDeployInfo Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetServiceDeployInfo(serviceID string) (*pb.DeployInfo, error)

GetServiceDeployInfo get service deploy info

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetServicePods Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetServicePods(serviceID string) (*pb.ServiceAppPodList, error)

GetServicePods get service pods list

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetStatus Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetStatus(serviceID string) string

GetStatus get status

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetStatuss Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetStatuss(serviceIDs string) map[string]string

GetStatuss get multiple app status

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetTenantResource Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) GetTenantResource(tenantID string) (*pb.TenantResource, error)

GetTenantResource get tenant resource

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) IsClosedStatus Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) IsClosedStatus(curStatus string) bool

IsClosedStatus check status

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) ListThirdPartyEndpoints Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) ListThirdPartyEndpoints(sid string) (*pb.ThirdPartyEndpoints, error)

ListThirdPartyEndpoints -

func (*AppRuntimeSyncClient) UpdThirdPartyEndpoint Uses

func (a *AppRuntimeSyncClient) UpdThirdPartyEndpoint(req *model.Endpoint)

UpdThirdPartyEndpoint -

type AppRuntimeSyncClientConf Uses

type AppRuntimeSyncClientConf struct {
    EtcdEndpoints        []string
    DefaultServerAddress []string

AppRuntimeSyncClientConf client conf

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