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package server

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/worker/server"


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type RuntimeServer Uses

type RuntimeServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RuntimeServer app runtime grpc server

func CreaterRuntimeServer Uses

func CreaterRuntimeServer(conf option.Config,
    store store.Storer,
    updateCh *channels.RingChannel) *RuntimeServer

CreaterRuntimeServer create a runtime grpc server

func (*RuntimeServer) AddThirdPartyEndpoint Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) AddThirdPartyEndpoint(ctx context.Context, re *pb.AddThirdPartyEndpointsReq) (*pb.Empty, error)

AddThirdPartyEndpoint creates a create event.

func (*RuntimeServer) DelThirdPartyEndpoint Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) DelThirdPartyEndpoint(ctx context.Context, re *pb.DelThirdPartyEndpointsReq) (*pb.Empty, error)

DelThirdPartyEndpoint creates a delete event.

func (*RuntimeServer) GetAppPods Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) GetAppPods(ctx context.Context, re *pb.ServiceRequest) (*pb.ServiceAppPodList, error)

GetAppPods get app pod list

func (*RuntimeServer) GetAppStatus Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) GetAppStatus(ctx context.Context, re *pb.ServicesRequest) (*pb.StatusMessage, error)

GetAppStatus get app service status

func (*RuntimeServer) GetDeployInfo Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) GetDeployInfo(ctx context.Context, re *pb.ServiceRequest) (*pb.DeployInfo, error)

GetDeployInfo get deploy info

func (*RuntimeServer) GetTenantResource Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) GetTenantResource(ctx context.Context, re *pb.TenantRequest) (*pb.TenantResource, error)

GetTenantResource get tenant resource if TenantId is "" will return the sum of the all tenant

func (*RuntimeServer) ListThirdPartyEndpoints Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) ListThirdPartyEndpoints(ctx context.Context, re *pb.ServiceRequest) (*pb.ThirdPartyEndpoints, error)

ListThirdPartyEndpoints returns a collection of third-part endpoints.

func (*RuntimeServer) Start Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) Start(errchan chan error)

Start start runtime server

func (*RuntimeServer) UpdThirdPartyEndpoint Uses

func (r *RuntimeServer) UpdThirdPartyEndpoint(ctx context.Context, re *pb.UpdThirdPartyEndpointsReq) (*pb.Empty, error)

UpdThirdPartyEndpoint creates a update event.



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