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package cache

import ""


Package Files


type Cache Uses

type Cache interface {
    // Add a ContainerStats for the specified container.
    AddStats(ref info.ContainerReference, stats *info.ContainerStats) error

    // Remove all cached information for the specified container.
    RemoveContainer(containerName string) error

    // Read most recent stats. numStats indicates max number of stats
    // returned. The returned stats must be consecutive observed stats. If
    // numStats < 0, then return all stats stored in the storage. The
    // returned stats should be sorted in time increasing order, i.e. Most
    // recent stats should be the last.
    RecentStats(containerName string, numStats int) ([]*info.ContainerStats, error)

    // Close will clear the state of the storage driver. The elements
    // stored in the underlying storage may or may not be deleted depending
    // on the implementation of the storage driver.
    Close() error



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