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package memory

import ""


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var ErrDataNotFound = errors.New("unable to find data in memory cache")

ErrDataNotFound is the error resulting if failed to find a container in memory cache.

type InMemoryCache Uses

type InMemoryCache struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(
    maxAge time.Duration,
    backend []storage.StorageDriver,
) *InMemoryCache

func (*InMemoryCache) AddStats Uses

func (c *InMemoryCache) AddStats(cInfo *info.ContainerInfo, stats *info.ContainerStats) error

func (*InMemoryCache) Close Uses

func (c *InMemoryCache) Close() error

func (*InMemoryCache) RecentStats Uses

func (c *InMemoryCache) RecentStats(name string, start, end time.Time, maxStats int) ([]*info.ContainerStats, error)

func (*InMemoryCache) RemoveContainer Uses

func (c *InMemoryCache) RemoveContainer(containerName string) error

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