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package mesos

import ""

Handler for "mesos" containers.


Package Files

client.go factory.go handler.go mesos_agent.go plugin.go


const MesosNamespace = "mesos"

The namespace under which mesos aliases are unique.


var MesosAgentAddress = flag.String("mesos_agent", "", "Mesos agent address")
var MesosAgentTimeout = flag.Duration("mesos_agent_timeout", 10*time.Second, "Mesos agent timeout")

func Client Uses

func Client() (mesosAgentClient, error)

Client is an interface to query mesos agent http endpoints

func ContainerNameToMesosId Uses

func ContainerNameToMesosId(name string) string

ContainerNameToMesosId returns the Mesos ID from the full container name.

func NewPlugin Uses

func NewPlugin() container.Plugin

NewPlugin returns an implementation of container.Plugin suitable for passing to container.RegisterPlugin()

func Register Uses

func Register(
    machineInfoFactory info.MachineInfoFactory,
    fsInfo fs.FsInfo,
    includedMetrics container.MetricSet,
) error


installThe install package registers mesos.NewPlugin() as the "mesos" container provider when imported

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