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package test

import ""


Package Files

mock.go storagetests.go

func StorageDriverFillRandomStatsFunc Uses

func StorageDriverFillRandomStatsFunc(
    containerName string,
    N int,
    driver TestStorageDriver,
    t *testing.T,

This function will generate random stats and write them into the storage. The function will not close the driver

func TimeEq Uses

func TimeEq(t1, t2 time.Time, tolerance time.Duration) bool

type MockStorageDriver Uses

type MockStorageDriver struct {
    MockCloseMethod bool

func (*MockStorageDriver) AddStats Uses

func (d *MockStorageDriver) AddStats(cInfo *info.ContainerInfo, stats *info.ContainerStats) error

func (*MockStorageDriver) Close Uses

func (d *MockStorageDriver) Close() error

type TestStorageDriver Uses

type TestStorageDriver interface {
    StatsEq(a *info.ContainerStats, b *info.ContainerStats) bool

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