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package stats

import ""

Noop perf Manager and Collector.

Handling statistics that are fully controlled in cAdvisor


Package Files

noop.go types.go

type Collector Uses

type Collector interface {
    UpdateStats(*info.ContainerStats) error

Collector can update ContainerStats by adding more metrics.

type Manager Uses

type Manager interface {
    GetCollector(deviceCgroup string) (Collector, error)

This is supposed to store global state about an cAdvisor metrics collector. cAdvisor manager will call Destroy() when it stops. For each container detected by the cAdvisor manager, it will call GetCollector() with the devices cgroup path for that container. GetCollector() is supposed to return an object that can update accelerator stats for that container.

type NoopCollector Uses

type NoopCollector struct {

func (*NoopCollector) UpdateStats Uses

func (c *NoopCollector) UpdateStats(stats *v1.ContainerStats) error

type NoopDestroy Uses

type NoopDestroy struct{}

func (NoopDestroy) Destroy Uses

func (nsd NoopDestroy) Destroy()

type NoopManager Uses

type NoopManager struct {

func (*NoopManager) GetCollector Uses

func (m *NoopManager) GetCollector(cgroup string) (Collector, error)

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