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package storage

import ""


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common_flags.go storage.go


var ArgDbBufferDuration = flag.Duration("storage_driver_buffer_duration", 60*time.Second, "" /* 131 byte string literal not displayed */)
var ArgDbHost = flag.String("storage_driver_host", "localhost:8086", "database host:port")
var ArgDbIsSecure = flag.Bool("storage_driver_secure", false, "use secure connection with database")
var ArgDbName = flag.String("storage_driver_db", "cadvisor", "database name")
var ArgDbPassword = flag.String("storage_driver_password", "root", "database password")
var ArgDbTable = flag.String("storage_driver_table", "stats", "table name")
var ArgDbUsername = flag.String("storage_driver_user", "root", "database username")

func ListDrivers Uses

func ListDrivers() []string

func RegisterStorageDriver Uses

func RegisterStorageDriver(name string, f StorageDriverFunc)

type StorageDriver Uses

type StorageDriver interface {
    AddStats(cInfo *info.ContainerInfo, stats *info.ContainerStats) error

    // Close will clear the state of the storage driver. The elements
    // stored in the underlying storage may or may not be deleted depending
    // on the implementation of the storage driver.
    Close() error

func New Uses

func New(name string) (StorageDriver, error)

type StorageDriverFunc Uses

type StorageDriverFunc func() (StorageDriver, error)

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