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package watcher

import ""

Package container defines types for sub-container events and also defines an interface for container operation handlers.


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type ContainerEvent Uses

type ContainerEvent struct {
    // The type of event that occurred.
    EventType ContainerEventType

    // The full container name of the container where the event occurred.
    Name string

    // The watcher that detected this change event
    WatchSource ContainerWatchSource

ContainerEvent represents a

type ContainerEventType Uses

type ContainerEventType int

SubcontainerEventType indicates an addition or deletion event.

const (
    ContainerAdd ContainerEventType = iota

type ContainerWatchSource Uses

type ContainerWatchSource int
const (
    Raw ContainerWatchSource = iota

type ContainerWatcher Uses

type ContainerWatcher interface {
    // Registers a channel to listen for events affecting subcontainers (recursively).
    Start(events chan ContainerEvent) error

    // Stops watching for subcontainer changes.
    Stop() error

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