cel-go: github.com/google/cel-go


celPackage cel defines the top-level interface for the Common Expression Language (CEL).
checkerPackage checker defines functions to type-checked a parsed expression against a set of identifier and function declarations.
checker/declsPackage decls provides helpers for creating variable and function declarations.
commonPackage common defines types and utilities common to expression parsing, checking, and interpretation
common/debugPackage debug provides tools to print a parsed expression graph and adorn each expression element with additional metadata.
common/operatorsPackage operators defines the internal function names of operators.
common/overloadsPackage overloads defines the internal overload identifiers for function and operator overloads.
common/packagesPackage packages defines types for interpreting qualified names.
common/typesPackage types contains the types, traits, and utilities common to all components of expression handling.
common/types/pbPackage pb reflects over protocol buffer descriptors to generate objects that simplify type, enum, and field lookup.
common/types/refPackage ref contains the reference interfaces used throughout the types components.
common/types/traitsPackage traits defines interfaces that a type may implement to participate in operator overloads and function dispatch.
extPackage ext contains CEL extension libraries where each library defines a related set of constants, functions, macros, or other configuration settings which may not be covered by the core CEL spec.
interpreterPackage interpreter provides functions to evaluate parsed expressions with the option to augment the evaluation with inputs and functions supplied at evaluation time.
interpreter/functionsPackage functions defines the standard builtin functions supported by the interpreter and as declared within the checker#StandardDeclarations.
parserPackage parser declares an expression parser with support for macro expansion.
serverPackage server defines the gRPC conformance test server for CEL Go.
server/mainPackage main declares the executable entry point for the CEL server.

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