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package metrics

import "github.com/google/exposure-notifications-server/internal/metrics"

Package metrics contains utilities for exporting metrics.


Package Files

exporter.go meta.go


const MetricRoot = "en-server/"

type Exporter Uses

type Exporter interface {
    WriteBool(name string, value bool)
    WriteInt(name string, cumulative bool, value int)
    WriteInt64(name string, cumulative bool, value int64)
    WriteIntDistribution(name string, cumulative bool, values []int)
    WriteFloat64(name string, cumulative bool, value float64)
    WriteFloat64Distribution(name string, cumulative bool, values []float64)

Exporter defines a generic metric exporter interface used in this application.

func NewLogsBasedExporter Uses

func NewLogsBasedExporter(log *zap.SugaredLogger) Exporter

NewLogsBasedExporter creates a new logs based importer from a logger.

func NewLogsBasedFromContext Uses

func NewLogsBasedFromContext(ctx context.Context) Exporter

NewLogsBasedFromContext creates a logs based metrics exporter.

type ExporterFromContext Uses

type ExporterFromContext func(context.Context) Exporter

ExporterFromContext defines a function to create a new exporter based on the current context.


cleanupPackage cleanup contains OpenCensus metrics and views for cleanup operations
exportPackage export contains OpenCensus metrics and views for export operations
federationinPackage federationin contains OpenCensus metrics and views for federationin operations
federationoutPackage federationout contains OpenCensus metrics and views for federationout operations
metricswarePackage metricsware provides a middleware for recording metrics of different kinds
publishPackage publish contains OpenCensus metrics and views for publish operations
rotatePackage rotate contains OpenCensus metrics and views for rotate operations

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