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fleetspeak/src/adminPackage main implements a general command line interface which performs administrative actions on a fleetspeak installation.
fleetspeak/src/admin/cliPackage cli contains methods useful for implementing administrative command line utilities.
fleetspeak/src/admin/historyPackage history analyzes client contact history to compute statistics and find anomalies.
fleetspeak/src/clientPackage client contains the components and utilities that every Fleetspeak client should include.
fleetspeak/src/client/channelPackage channel provides fleetspeak.Message passing over interprocess pipes.
fleetspeak/src/client/clienttestutilsPackage clienttestutils contains utility functions for the client test, in part platform-specific.
fleetspeak/src/client/clitestingPackage clitesting contains utilities useful for testing clients and client components.
fleetspeak/src/client/commsPackage comms defines the interface between the Fleetspeak client base library and the Communicator component used to talk to the server.
fleetspeak/src/client/configPackage config defines structures and definitions relating to the client's configuration.
fleetspeak/src/client/daemonservicePackage daemonservice implements a service which runs and communicates with a separate daemon subprocess.
fleetspeak/src/client/daemonservice/clientPackage client is a go client library for daemonservice.
fleetspeak/src/client/daemonservice/commandPackage command provides a relatively thin wrapper around exec.Cmd, adding support for communicating with the dependent process using a channel.Channel.
fleetspeak/src/client/daemonservice/executionPackage execution provides an abstraction for a single execution of a command with the context of daemonservice.
fleetspeak/src/client/daemonservice/testclientPackage testclient implements a daemonservice client meant for testing.
fleetspeak/src/client/flowPackage flow contains structures and utility method relating to client-server flow control configuration.
fleetspeak/src/client/genericPackage generic provides support methods to build a generic client, not bound to a particular installation.
fleetspeak/src/client/httpsPackage https provides an client.Communicator which connects to the Fleetspeak server using https.
fleetspeak/src/client/internal/configPackage config contains internal structures and methods relating to managing a client's configuration.
fleetspeak/src/client/internal/messagePackage message implements utility structures and methods used by the FS client to manage messages.
fleetspeak/src/client/internal/monitoringPackage monitoring contains utilities for gathering data about resource usage in order to monitor client-side resource usage.
fleetspeak/src/client/servicePackage service defines the interface that fleetspeak client side services must implement, along with some related types.
fleetspeak/src/client/signerPackage signer defines an interface to add additional signatures to communications with the Fleetspeak server.
fleetspeak/src/client/socketservicePackage socketservice implements a service which runs and communicates with a separate independent process over a local unix socket (or similar).
fleetspeak/src/client/socketservice/checksPackage checks implements code which checks permissions of socket files to mitigate the possibility of a non-root attacker messing with socketservice communications channel.
fleetspeak/src/client/socketservice/clientPackage client is a go client library for socketservice.Service.
fleetspeak/src/client/socketservice/testclientPackage testclient implements a socketservice client meant for testing.
fleetspeak/src/client/stdinservicePackage stdinservice implements a service which, on request, executes a command on the client, passes data to its stdin and returns the result.
fleetspeak/src/client/watchdogPackage watchdog implements a simple watchdog timer which dumps a trace of all goroutines to a file, and then ends the program, if the timer reaches its limit.
fleetspeak/src/comtestingPackage comtesting implements utility methods useful for testing both client and server components.
fleetspeak/src/configPackage main implements a configuration tool which (partially) automates the configuration of a Fleetspeak installation.
fleetspeak/src/config/certsPackage certs contains utility methods for reading and verifying the certificates needed to configure a Fleetspeak installation.
fleetspeak/src/config/serverPackage serer
fleetspeak/src/inttesting/frrPackage frr implements the "Fake Rapid Response" service.
fleetspeak/src/inttesting/integrationtestPackage integrationtest defines methods to implement integration tests in which a server and one or more clients are brought up and exercised.
fleetspeak/src/serverPackage server contains the components and utilities that every Fleetspeak server should include.
fleetspeak/src/server/adminPackage admin defines an administrative interface into the fleetspeak system.
fleetspeak/src/server/authorizerPackage authorizer defines interfaces and utility methods to validate and limit client communications.
fleetspeak/src/server/commsPackage comms defines the interface used by the Fleetspeak modules which communicate with clients.
fleetspeak/src/server/componentsPackage components defines and instantiates the components needed by a generic Fleetspeak server.
fleetspeak/src/server/components/authorizerPackage authorizer provide generic implementations and utility methods for Fleetspeak's authorizer component type.
fleetspeak/src/server/components/httpsPackage https provides generic implementations and utility methods for Fleetspeak https communication component type.
fleetspeak/src/server/components/notificationsPackage notifications defines basic Listener/Notification support for generic Fleetspeak servers.
fleetspeak/src/server/dbPackage db defines the interface that fleetspeak expects from its persistence layer.
fleetspeak/src/server/grpcservicePackage grpcservice defines a service.Service which passes all received messages to a destination host using grpc.
fleetspeak/src/server/httpsPackage https implements an https-based server Communicator.
fleetspeak/src/server/idsPackage ids defines identifier types and utility methods specific to the fleetspeak server and server components.
fleetspeak/src/server/internal/broadcastsPackage broadcasts contains code for a Fleetspeak server to manage broadcasts.
fleetspeak/src/server/internal/cachePackage cache contains caching structures using internally by the Fleetspeak server.
fleetspeak/src/server/internal/ftimePackage ftime defines "fleetspeak time" as a global variable.
fleetspeak/src/server/internal/notificationsPackage internal contains miscellaneous small components used internally by the Fleetspeak server.
fleetspeak/src/server/internal/servicesPackage services defines internal fleetspeak components relating to services.
fleetspeak/src/server/internal/signaturesPackage signatures implements utility methods for checking cryptographic signatures.
fleetspeak/src/server/mysqlPackage mysql implements the fleetspeak datastore interface using a mysql database.
fleetspeak/src/server/notificationsPackage notifications defines the plugin interface for components which allow the fleetspeak servers within an installation to notify each other about interesting events.
fleetspeak/src/server/sertestingPackage sertesting contains utilities useful for testing the fleetspeak server and server components.
fleetspeak/src/server/serverPackage main defines an entry point for a general purpose fleetspeak server.
fleetspeak/src/server/servicePackage service defines the interface that fleetspeak expects from its service implementations.
fleetspeak/src/server/sqlitePackage sqlite implements the fleetspeak datastore interface using an sqlite database.
fleetspeak/src/server/statsPackage stats contains interfaces and utilities relating to the collection of statistics from a fleetspeak server.
fleetspeak/src/server/testserverPackage testserver configures and creates a Fleetspeak server instance suitable for unit tests.

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