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package config

import ""

Package config contains a list of build configuration flags.


Package Files



const (
    DebugReplay                = false
    DebugReplayBuilder         = false
    DisableDeadCodeElimination = false
    DeadSubCmdElimination      = false
    DebugDeadCodeElimination   = false
    DebugDependencyGraph       = false
    AllInitialCommandsLive     = false
    LogExtrasInTransforms      = false // Logs all commands' extras together with transforms
    LogMemoryInExtras          = false // Logs all commands' read/write memory observation together with extras
    // Logs all mappings at the end of the replay from original trace
    // handles to replay client handles (if handles are reused in the trace
    // it will only print the last mapping).  Only works for Vulkan.
    LogMappingsToFile        = false
    LogTransformsToFile      = false
    LogTransformsToCapture   = false
    SeparateMutateStates     = false
    CheckRebuiltStateMatches = false

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