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package function

import "github.com/google/go-cmp/cmp/internal/function"

Package function provides functionality for identifying function types.


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const (
    Equal             = ttbFunc // func(T, T) bool
    EqualAssignable   = tibFunc // func(T, I) bool; encapsulates func(T, T) bool
    Transformer       = trFunc  // func(T) R
    ValueFilter       = ttbFunc // func(T, T) bool
    Less              = ttbFunc // func(T, T) bool
    ValuePredicate    = tbFunc  // func(T) bool
    KeyValuePredicate = trbFunc // func(T, R) bool

func IsType Uses

func IsType(t reflect.Type, ft funcType) bool

IsType reports whether the reflect.Type is of the specified function type.

func NameOf Uses

func NameOf(v reflect.Value) string

NameOf returns the name of the function value.

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