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package value

import "github.com/google/go-cmp/cmp/internal/value"


Package Files

name.go pointer_unsafe.go sort.go zero.go

func IsZero Uses

func IsZero(v reflect.Value) bool

IsZero reports whether v is the zero value. This does not rely on Interface and so can be used on unexported fields.

func SortKeys Uses

func SortKeys(vs []reflect.Value) []reflect.Value

SortKeys sorts a list of map keys, deduplicating keys if necessary. The type of each value must be comparable.

func TypeString Uses

func TypeString(t reflect.Type, qualified bool) string

TypeString is nearly identical to reflect.Type.String, but has an additional option to specify that full type names be used.

type Pointer Uses

type Pointer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Pointer is an opaque typed pointer and is guaranteed to be comparable.

func PointerOf Uses

func PointerOf(v reflect.Value) Pointer

PointerOf returns a Pointer from v, which must be a reflect.Ptr, reflect.Slice, or reflect.Map.

func (Pointer) IsNil Uses

func (p Pointer) IsNil() bool

IsNil reports whether the pointer is nil.

func (Pointer) Uintptr Uses

func (p Pointer) Uintptr() uintptr

Uintptr returns the pointer as a uintptr.

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