go-github: github.com/google/go-github


example/appenginePackage demo provides an app that shows how to use the github package on Google App Engine.
example/basicauthThe basicauth command demonstrates using the github.BasicAuthTransport, including handling two-factor authentication.
example/commitprThe commitpr command utilizes go-github as a CLI tool for pushing files to a branch and creating a pull request from it.
example/migrationsmigrations demonstrates the functionality of the user data migration API for the authenticated GitHub user and lists all the user migrations.
example/newrepoThe newrepo command utilizes go-github as a cli tool for creating new repositories.
example/simpleThe simple command demonstrates a simple functionality which prompts the user for a GitHub username and lists all the public organization memberships of the specified username.
githubPackage github provides a client for using the GitHub API.
scrapePackage scrape provides a client for interacting with GitHub using screen scraping.
test/fieldsThis tool tests for the JSON mappings in the go-github data types.
test/integrationPackage integration contains integration tests.

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