go-github: github.com/google/go-github/example


appenginePackage demo provides an app that shows how to use the github package on Google App Engine.
basicauthThe basicauth command demonstrates using the github.BasicAuthTransport, including handling two-factor authentication.
commitprThe commitpr command utilizes go-github as a CLI tool for pushing files to a branch and creating a pull request from it.
migrationsmigrations demonstrates the functionality of the user data migration API for the authenticated GitHub user and lists all the user migrations.
newrepoThe newrepo command utilizes go-github as a cli tool for creating new repositories.
newreposecretnewreposecret creates a new secret in GitHub for a given owner/repo.
simpleThe simple command demonstrates a simple functionality which prompts the user for a GitHub username and lists all the public organization memberships of the specified username.
tokenauthThe tokenauth command demonstrates using the oauth2.StaticTokenSource.
topicsThe simple command demonstrates the functionality that prompts the user for a GitHub topic and lists all the entities that are related to the specified topic or subject.

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