cmd/healthcheckhealthcheck makes a HTTP(S) request to the supplied url and exits with 0 (success) if the HTTP response code was in the 2xx range or 1 (unhealthy).
cmd/serverutilPackage serverutil provides helper functions to main.go files.
core/adminserverPackage adminserver contains the KeyTransparencyAdmin implementation
core/api/monitor/v1/monitor_go_protoPackage monitor_go_proto is a reverse proxy.
core/api/v1/keytransparency_go_protoPackage keytransparency_go_proto is a reverse proxy.
core/clientPackage client is a client for communicating with the Key Server.
core/client/gobindclientPackage gobindclient contains a gobind friendly implementation of a KeyTransparency Client able to make GetUser requests to a KT server and verify the soundness of the responses.
core/client/hammerPackage hammer sends multiple requests to Key Transparency at the same time.
core/client/multiPackage multi contains utilities for multiplexing io operations.
core/client/trackerPackage tracker tracks log roots and verifies consistency proofs between them.
core/crypto/commitmentsPackage commitments implements a cryptographic commitment.
core/crypto/vrfPackage vrf defines the interface to a verifiable random function.
core/crypto/vrf/p256Package p256 implements a verifiable random function using curve p256.
core/directoryPackage directory stores multi-tenancy configuration information.
core/frontendPackage frontend implements the KeyTransaprencyFrontend service.
core/integrationPackage integration exports a set of unit tests that can be run by impl/integration or any other specific instantiation of KeyTransparency.
core/keyserverPackage keyserver implements a transparent key server for End to End.
core/monitorPackage monitor implements the monitor service.
core/monitorserverPackage monitorserver contains an implementation of a Monitor server which can be queried for monitoring results.
core/monitorstoragePackage monitorstorage holds data produced by the monitor
core/mutatorPackage mutator defines the operations to transform mutations into changes in the map as well as operations to write and read mutations to and from the database.
core/mutator/entryPackage entry implements a simple replacement strategy as a mapper.
core/sequencerPackage sequencer reads mutations and applies them to the Trillian Map.
core/sequencer/mapperPackage mapper contains a transformation pipeline from log messages to map revisions.
core/sequencer/metadataPackage metadata helps enforce a consistent standard of meaning around the map metadata object.
core/sequencer/runnerPackage runner executes the mapper pipeline.
core/testutilPackage testutil provides helper functions for tests.
core/waterPackage water provides the watermark type.
impl/authenticationPackage authentication implements authentication mechanisms.
impl/authorizationPackage authorization contains the authorization module implementation.
impl/memoryPackage memory supplies fake in-memory implementations for testing purposes.
impl/mysqlPackage sql provides functions for interacting with MySQL.
impl/mysql/directoryPackage directory implements the directory.Storage interface.
impl/mysql/mutationstoragePackage mutationstorage defines operations to write and read mutations to and from the database.
impl/mysql/testdbPackage testdb supports opening ephemeral databases for testing.
impl/sqlPackage sql provides functions for interacting with MySQL.
impl/sql/testdbPackage testdb supports opening ephemeral databases for testing.
internal/backoffPackage backoff allows retrying an operation with backoff.

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