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Command pprof

pprof is a tool for collection, manipulation and visualization of performance profiles.

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driverPackage driver provides an external entry point to the pprof driver.
fuzzPackage pprof is used in conjunction with github.com/dvyukov/go-fuzz/go-fuzz to fuzz ParseData function.
internal/binutilsPackage binutils provides access to the GNU binutils.
internal/driverPackage driver implements the core pprof functionality.
internal/elfexecPackage elfexec provides utility routines to examine ELF binaries.
internal/graphPackage graph collects a set of samples into a directed graph.
internal/measurementPackage measurement export utility functions to manipulate/format performance profile sample values.
internal/pluginPackage plugin defines the plugin implementations that the main pprof driver requires.
internal/proftestPackage proftest provides some utility routines to test other packages related to profiles.
internal/reportPackage report summarizes a performance profile into a human-readable report.
internal/symbolizerPackage symbolizer provides a routine to populate a profile with symbol, file and line number information.
internal/symbolzPackage symbolz symbolizes a profile using the output from the symbolz service.
internal/transportPackage transport provides a mechanism to send requests with https cert, key, and CA.
profilePackage profile provides a representation of profile.proto and methods to encode/decode profiles in this format.

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