pprof: github.com/google/pprof/internal


binutilsPackage binutils provides access to the GNU binutils.
driverPackage driver implements the core pprof functionality.
elfexecPackage elfexec provides utility routines to examine ELF binaries.
graphPackage graph collects a set of samples into a directed graph.
measurementPackage measurement export utility functions to manipulate/format performance profile sample values.
pluginPackage plugin defines the plugin implementations that the main pprof driver requires.
proftestPackage proftest provides some utility routines to test other packages related to profiles.
reportPackage report summarizes a performance profile into a human-readable report.
symbolizerPackage symbolizer provides a routine to populate a profile with symbol, file and line number information.
symbolzPackage symbolz symbolizes a profile using the output from the symbolz service.
transportPackage transport provides a mechanism to send requests with https cert, key, and CA.

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