dev/clientThe client script is for interacting with a graph in an SVG (via DOM).
dev/client/viewPackage view implements the client.
dev/domPackage dom contains bits for making dealing with the DOM easier.
dev/modelPackage model has the model types: graph, channel, node...
dev/model/partsPackage parts contains various pre-made bits and pieces to combine into the graph.
dev/model/parts/partlibPackage partlib includes supporting functions for parts.
dev/model/pinPackage pin has types for describing pins (connection points).
dev/protoPackage proto exists to generate the proto stubs.
dev/proto/goPackage proto is a generated protocol buffer package.
dev/proto/jsPackage proto is a generated protocol buffer package.
dev/serverPackage server serves the user interface and API, and manages the data model.
dev/server/viewPackage view provides the user interface.
dev/sourcePackage source helps deal with Go source code.
scriptsThe embed script wraps file contents with some Go to access it.

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