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package skylarktest

import ""

Package skylarktest defines utilities for testing Skylark programs.

Clients can call LoadAssertModule to load a module that defines several functions useful for testing. See for its definition.

The assert.error function, which reports errors to the current Go testing.T, requires that clients call SetTest(thread, t) before use.


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var DataFile = func(pkgdir, filename string) string {
    return filepath.Join(build.Default.GOPATH, "src/", pkgdir, filename)

DataFile returns the effective filename of the specified test data resource. The function abstracts differences between 'go build', under which a test runs in its package directory, and Blaze, under which a test runs in the root of the tree.

func LoadAssertModule Uses

func LoadAssertModule() (skylark.StringDict, error)

LoadAssertModule loads the assert module. It is concurrency-safe and idempotent.

func SetReporter Uses

func SetReporter(thread *skylark.Thread, r Reporter)

SetReporter associates an error reporter (such as a testing.T in a Go test) with the Skylark thread so that Skylark programs may report errors to it.

type Reporter Uses

type Reporter interface {
    Error(args ...interface{})

A Reporter is a value to which errors may be reported. It is satisfied by *testing.T.

func GetReporter Uses

func GetReporter(thread *skylark.Thread) Reporter

GetReporter returns the Skylark thread's error reporter. It must be preceded by a call to SetReporter.

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