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package bisect

import ""


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const NumTests = 10 // number of tests we do per commit

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Trace     io.Writer
    Fix       bool
    BinDir    string
    DebugDir  string
    Kernel    KernelConfig
    Syzkaller SyzkallerConfig
    Repro     ReproConfig
    Manager   mgrconfig.Config

type KernelConfig Uses

type KernelConfig struct {
    Repo      string
    Branch    string
    Commit    string
    Cmdline   string
    Sysctl    string
    Config    []byte
    Userspace string

type ReproConfig Uses

type ReproConfig struct {
    Opts []byte
    Syz  []byte
    C    []byte

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    Commits    []*vcs.Commit
    Report     *report.Report
    Commit     *vcs.Commit
    NoopChange bool
    IsRelease  bool

Result describes bisection result:

- if bisection is conclusive, the single cause/fix commit in Commits
  - for cause bisection report is the crash on the cause commit
  - for fix bisection report is nil
  - Commit is nil
  - NoopChange is set if the commit did not cause any change in the kernel binary
    (bisection result it most likely wrong)
  - Bisected to a release commit
- if bisection is inconclusive, range of potential cause/fix commits in Commits
  - report is nil in such case
  - Commit is nil
- if the crash still happens on the oldest release/HEAD (for cause/fix bisection correspondingly)
  - no commits in Commits
  - the crash report on the oldest release/HEAD;
  - Commit points to the oldest/latest commit where crash happens.

func Run Uses

func Run(cfg *Config) (*Result, error)

Run does the bisection and returns either the Result, or, if the crash is not reproduced on the start commit, an error.

type SyzkallerConfig Uses

type SyzkallerConfig struct {
    Repo         string
    Commit       string
    Descriptions string

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