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package cover

import ""

Package cover provides types for working with coverage information (arrays of covered PCs).


Package Files

cover.go report.go

func PreviousInstructionPC Uses

func PreviousInstructionPC(target *targets.Target, pc uint64) uint64

func RestorePC Uses

func RestorePC(pc, base uint32) uint64

type Cover Uses

type Cover map[uint32]struct{}

func (*Cover) Merge Uses

func (cov *Cover) Merge(raw []uint32)

func (Cover) Serialize Uses

func (cov Cover) Serialize() []uint32

type Prog Uses

type Prog struct {
    Data string
    PCs  []uint64

type ReportGenerator Uses

type ReportGenerator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeReportGenerator Uses

func MakeReportGenerator(target *targets.Target, kernelObject, srcDir, buildDir string) (*ReportGenerator, error)

func (*ReportGenerator) Do Uses

func (rg *ReportGenerator) Do(w io.Writer, progs []Prog) error

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