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package cover

import ""

Package cover provides types for working with coverage information (arrays of covered PCs).


Package Files

cover.go report.go

func PreviousInstructionPC Uses

func PreviousInstructionPC(arch string, pc uint64) uint64

func RestorePC Uses

func RestorePC(pc uint32, base uint32) uint64

type Cover Uses

type Cover map[uint32]struct{}

func (*Cover) Merge Uses

func (cov *Cover) Merge(raw []uint32)

func (Cover) Serialize Uses

func (cov Cover) Serialize() []uint32

type Prog Uses

type Prog struct {
    Data string
    PCs  []uint64

type ReportGenerator Uses

type ReportGenerator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeReportGenerator Uses

func MakeReportGenerator(vmlinux, srcDir, buildDir, arch string) (*ReportGenerator, error)

func (*ReportGenerator) Do Uses

func (rg *ReportGenerator) Do(w io.Writer, progs []Prog) error

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