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package email

import ""


Package Files

parser.go patch.go reply.go

func AddAddrContext Uses

func AddAddrContext(email, context string) (string, error)

AddAddrContext embeds context into local part of the provided email address using '+'. Returns the resulting email address.

func CanonicalEmail Uses

func CanonicalEmail(email string) string

func FormReply Uses

func FormReply(email, reply string) string

func MergeEmailLists Uses

func MergeEmailLists(lists ...[]string) []string

MergeEmailLists merges several email lists removing duplicates and invalid entries.

func ParsePatch Uses

func ParsePatch(text string) (title, diff string, err error)

func RemoveAddrContext Uses

func RemoveAddrContext(email string) (string, string, error)

RemoveAddrContext extracts context after '+' from the local part of the provided email address. Returns address without the context and the context.

func RemoveFromEmailList Uses

func RemoveFromEmailList(list []string, toRemove string) []string

type Command Uses

type Command int
const (
    CmdUnknown Command = iota

type Email Uses

type Email struct {
    BugID       string
    MessageID   string
    Link        string
    Subject     string
    From        string
    Cc          []string
    Body        string  // text/plain part
    Patch       string  // attached patch, if any
    Command     Command // command to bot
    CommandStr  string  // string representation of the command
    CommandArgs string  // arguments for the command

func Parse Uses

func Parse(r io.Reader, ownEmails []string) (*Email, error)

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