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package gce

import ""

Package gce provides wrappers around Google Compute Engine (GCE) APIs. It is assumed that the program itself also runs on GCE as APIs operate on the current project/zone.

See for details. In particular, API reference: and Go API wrappers:


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type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    ProjectID  string
    ZoneID     string
    Instance   string
    InternalIP string
    ExternalIP string
    Network    string
    Subnetwork string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewContext Uses

func NewContext() (*Context, error)

func (*Context) CreateImage Uses

func (ctx *Context) CreateImage(imageName, gcsFile string) error

func (*Context) CreateInstance Uses

func (ctx *Context) CreateInstance(name, machineType, image, sshkey string, preemptible bool) (string, error)

func (*Context) DeleteImage Uses

func (ctx *Context) DeleteImage(imageName string) error

func (*Context) DeleteInstance Uses

func (ctx *Context) DeleteInstance(name string, wait bool) error

func (*Context) IsInstanceRunning Uses

func (ctx *Context) IsInstanceRunning(name string) bool

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