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package instance

import ""

Package instance provides helper functions for creation of temporal instances used for testing of images, patches and bisection.


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var MakeBin = func() string {
    if runtime.GOOS == "freebsd" || runtime.GOOS == "openbsd" {
        return "gmake"
    return "make"

func ExecprogCmd Uses

func ExecprogCmd(execprog, executor, OS, arch, sandbox string, repeat, threaded, collide bool,
    procs, faultCall, faultNth int, progFile string) string

func FuzzerCmd Uses

func FuzzerCmd(fuzzer, executor, name, OS, arch, fwdAddr, sandbox string, procs, verbosity int,
    cover, debug, test, runtest bool) string

func OldFuzzerCmd Uses

func OldFuzzerCmd(fuzzer, executor, name, OS, arch, fwdAddr, sandbox string, procs int, cover, test bool) string

func OverrideVMCount Uses

func OverrideVMCount(cfg *mgrconfig.Config, n int) error

func SetConfigImage Uses

func SetConfigImage(cfg *mgrconfig.Config, imageDir string, reliable bool) error

type CrashError Uses

type CrashError struct {
    Report *report.Report

func (*CrashError) Error Uses

func (err *CrashError) Error() string

type Env Uses

type Env interface {
    BuildSyzkaller(string, string) error
    BuildKernel(string, string, string, string, []byte) (string, string, error)
    Test(numVMs int, reproSyz, reproOpts, reproC []byte) ([]error, error)

func NewEnv Uses

func NewEnv(cfg *mgrconfig.Config) (Env, error)

type TestError Uses

type TestError struct {
    Boot   bool // says if the error happened during booting or during instance testing
    Title  string
    Output []byte
    Report *report.Report

func (*TestError) Error Uses

func (err *TestError) Error() string

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