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package report

import ""

Package report contains functions that process kernel output, detect/extract crash messages, symbolize them, etc.


Package Files

akaros.go bsd.go freebsd.go fuchsia.go fuzz.go gvisor.go linux.go netbsd.go openbsd.go report.go stub.go


const (
    VMDiagnosisStart = "\nVM DIAGNOSIS:\n"

func Fuzz Uses

func Fuzz(data []byte) int

func GetLinuxMaintainers Uses

func GetLinuxMaintainers(kernelSrc, file string) (vcs.Recipients, error)

func IsSuppressed Uses

func IsSuppressed(reporter Reporter, output []byte) bool

type Report Uses

type Report struct {
    // Title contains a representative description of the first oops.
    Title string
    // Bug type (e.g. hang, memory leak, etc).
    Type Type
    // The indicative function name.
    Frame string
    // Report contains whole oops text.
    Report []byte
    // Output contains whole raw console output as passed to Reporter.Parse.
    Output []byte
    // StartPos/EndPos denote region of output with oops message(s).
    StartPos int
    EndPos   int
    // SkipPos is position in output where parsing for the next report should start.
    SkipPos int
    // Suppressed indicates whether the report should not be reported to user.
    Suppressed bool
    // Corrupted indicates whether the report is truncated of corrupted in some other way.
    Corrupted bool
    // CorruptedReason contains reason why the report is marked as corrupted.
    CorruptedReason string
    // Recipients is a list of RecipientInfo with Email, Display Name, and type.
    Recipients vcs.Recipients
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func ParseAll Uses

func ParseAll(reporter Reporter, output []byte) (reports []*Report)

ParseAll returns all successive reports in output.

type Reporter Uses

type Reporter interface {
    // ContainsCrash searches kernel console output for oops messages.
    ContainsCrash(output []byte) bool

    // Parse extracts information about oops from console output.
    // Returns nil if no oops found.
    Parse(output []byte) *Report

    // Symbolize symbolizes rep.Report and fills in Maintainers.
    Symbolize(rep *Report) error

func NewReporter Uses

func NewReporter(cfg *mgrconfig.Config) (Reporter, error)

NewReporter creates reporter for the specified OS/Type.

type Type Uses

type Type int
const (
    Unknown Type = iota

func (Type) String Uses

func (t Type) String() string

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