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package runtest

import ""

Package runtest is a driver for end-to-end testing of syzkaller programs. It tests program execution via both executor and csource, with different sandboxes and execution modes (threaded, repeated, etc). It can run test OS programs locally via run_test.go and all other real OS programs via tools/syz-runtest which uses manager config to wind up VMs. Test programs are located in sys/*/test/* files.


Package Files


func RunTest Uses

func RunTest(req *RunRequest, executor string)

type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    Dir          string
    Target       *prog.Target
    Features     *host.Features
    EnabledCalls map[string]map[*prog.Syscall]bool
    Requests     chan *RunRequest
    LogFunc      func(text string)
    Retries      int // max number of test retries to deal with flaky tests
    Verbose      bool
    Debug        bool
    Tests        string // prefix to match test file names

func (*Context) Run Uses

func (ctx *Context) Run() error

type RunRequest Uses

type RunRequest struct {
    Bin    string
    P      *prog.Prog
    Cfg    *ipc.Config
    Opts   *ipc.ExecOpts
    Repeat int

    Done   chan struct{}
    Output []byte
    Info   []*ipc.ProgInfo
    Err    error
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

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