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package signal

import ""

Package signal provides types for working with feedback signal.


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func Minimize Uses

func Minimize(corpus []Context) []interface{}

type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    Signal  Signal
    Context interface{}

type Serial Uses

type Serial struct {
    Elems []elemType
    Prios []prioType

func (Serial) Deserialize Uses

func (ser Serial) Deserialize() Signal

type Signal Uses

type Signal map[elemType]prioType

func FromRaw Uses

func FromRaw(raw []uint32, prio uint8) Signal

func (Signal) Copy Uses

func (s Signal) Copy() Signal

func (Signal) Diff Uses

func (s Signal) Diff(s1 Signal) Signal

func (Signal) DiffRaw Uses

func (s Signal) DiffRaw(raw []uint32, prio uint8) Signal

func (Signal) Empty Uses

func (s Signal) Empty() bool

func (Signal) Intersection Uses

func (s Signal) Intersection(s1 Signal) Signal

func (Signal) Len Uses

func (s Signal) Len() int

func (*Signal) Merge Uses

func (s *Signal) Merge(s1 Signal)

func (Signal) Serialize Uses

func (s Signal) Serialize() Serial

func (*Signal) Split Uses

func (s *Signal) Split(n int) Signal

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