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package symbolizer

import ""


Package Files

nm.go symbolizer.go

type Frame Uses

type Frame struct {
    PC     uint64
    Func   string
    File   string
    Line   int
    Inline bool

type Symbol Uses

type Symbol struct {
    Addr uint64
    Size int

type Symbolizer Uses

type Symbolizer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSymbolizer Uses

func NewSymbolizer(target *targets.Target) *Symbolizer

func (*Symbolizer) Close Uses

func (s *Symbolizer) Close()

func (*Symbolizer) ReadRodataSymbols Uses

func (s *Symbolizer) ReadRodataSymbols(bin string) (map[string][]Symbol, error)

ReadRodataSymbols returns list of rodata symbols in the binary bin.

func (*Symbolizer) ReadTextSymbols Uses

func (s *Symbolizer) ReadTextSymbols(bin string) (map[string][]Symbol, error)

ReadTextSymbols returns list of text symbols in the binary bin.

func (*Symbolizer) Symbolize Uses

func (s *Symbolizer) Symbolize(bin string, pc uint64) ([]Frame, error)

func (*Symbolizer) SymbolizeArray Uses

func (s *Symbolizer) SymbolizeArray(bin string, pcs []uint64) ([]Frame, error)

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