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package layout

import ""


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var AllFidlLibraries = []FidlLibrary{
    {"fuchsia", "cobalt"},
    {"fuchsia", "devicesettings"},
    {"fuchsia", "hardware", "ethernet"},
    {"fuchsia", "io"},
    {"fuchsia", "ldsvc"},
    {"fuchsia", "mem"},
    {"fuchsia", "net"},
    {"fuchsia", "process"},
    {"fuchsia", "scpi"},

AllFidlLibraries lists all FIDL libraries.

type FidlLibrary Uses

type FidlLibrary []string

FidlLibrary is the fully-qualified name of a FIDL library.

func (FidlLibrary) PathToCompiledDir Uses

func (fidlLib FidlLibrary) PathToCompiledDir() string

PathToCompiledDir provides the path to compiled headers, relative to the out/<arch> directory.

func (FidlLibrary) PathToJSONIr Uses

func (fidlLib FidlLibrary) PathToJSONIr() string

PathToJSONIr provides the path to the JSON IR, relative to the out/<arch> directory.

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