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package layout

import ""


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var AllFidlLibraries = []FidlLibrary{
    {zircon, []string{"fuchsia", "mem"}},
    {zircon, []string{"fuchsia", "cobalt"}},
    {zircon, []string{"fuchsia", "ldsvc"}},
    {zircon, []string{"fuchsia", "process"}},
    {zircon, []string{"fuchsia", "io"}},
    {zircon, []string{"fuchsia", "net"}},
    {zircon, []string{"fuchsia", "hardware", "ethernet"}},
    {garnet, []string{"fuchsia", "devicesettings"}},
    {garnet, []string{"fuchsia", "net", "stack"}},
    {garnet, []string{"fuchsia", "timezone"}},
    {garnet, []string{"fuchsia", "scpi"}},

AllFidlLibraries lists all FIDL libraries.

type FidlLibrary Uses

type FidlLibrary struct {

    // FqName stores the fully-qualified name of the library in parts, e.g.
    // the `fuchsia.mem` library is `fuchsia`, `mem`.
    FqName []string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FidlLibrary describes a FIDL library. It captures required details such as build location, header generation, etc.

func (FidlLibrary) PathToCompiledDir Uses

func (fidlLib FidlLibrary) PathToCompiledDir() string

PathToCompiledDir provides the path to compiled headers, relative to the out/<arch> directory.

func (FidlLibrary) PathToJSONIr Uses

func (fidlLib FidlLibrary) PathToJSONIr() string

PathToJSONIr provides the path to the JSON IR, relative to the out/<arch> directory.

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