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package qemu

import ""


Package Files


type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Count    int    `json:"count"`     // number of VMs to run in parallel
    Qemu     string `json:"qemu"`      // qemu binary name (qemu-system-arch by default)
    QemuArgs string `json:"qemu_args"` // additional command line arguments for qemu binary
    // Location of the kernel for injected boot (e.g. arch/x86/boot/bzImage, optional).
    // This is passed to qemu as the -kernel option.
    Kernel string `json:"kernel"`
    // Additional command line options for the booting kernel, for example `root=/dev/sda1`.
    // Can only be specified with kernel.
    Cmdline string `json:"cmdline"`
    Initrd  string `json:"initrd"` // linux initial ramdisk. (optional)
    // qemu image device.
    // The default value "hda" is transformed to "-hda image" for qemu.
    // The modern way of describing qemu hard disks is supported, so the value
    // "drive index=0,media=disk,file=" is transformed to "-drive index=0,media=disk,file=image"
    // for qemu.
    ImageDevice string `json:"image_device"`
    CPU         int    `json:"cpu"`      // number of VM CPUs
    Mem         int    `json:"mem"`      // amount of VM memory in MiB
    Snapshot    bool   `json:"snapshot"` // For building kernels without -snapshot (for pkg/build)

type Pool Uses

type Pool struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Pool) Count Uses

func (pool *Pool) Count() int

func (*Pool) Create Uses

func (pool *Pool) Create(workdir string, index int) (vmimpl.Instance, error)

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