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package jsonutil

import "github.com/gookit/goutil/jsonutil"


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func Decode Uses

func Decode(json []byte, v interface{}) error

Decode decode json bytes to data. use it instead of json.Unmarshal

func Encode Uses

func Encode(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Encode encode data to json bytes. use it instead of json.Marshal

func Pretty Uses

func Pretty(v interface{}) (string, error)

Pretty get pretty JSON string

func ReadFile Uses

func ReadFile(filePath string, v interface{}) error

ReadFile Read JSON file data

func StripComments Uses

func StripComments(src string) string

StripComments strip comments for a JSON string

func WriteFile Uses

func WriteFile(filePath string, data interface{}) error

WriteFile write data to JSON file

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