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package actions

import ""


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type AddItem Uses

type AddItem struct {
    Title string

AddItem is an action which adds a single item with the specified title.

type ClearCompleted Uses

type ClearCompleted struct{}

ClearCompleted is an action which clears the completed items.

type DestroyItem Uses

type DestroyItem struct {
    Index int

DestroyItem is an action which destroys the item specified by the index.

type ReplaceItems Uses

type ReplaceItems struct {
    Items []*model.Item

ReplaceItems is an action that replaces all items with the specified ones.

type SetAllCompleted Uses

type SetAllCompleted struct {
    Completed bool

SetAllCompleted is an action which marks all existing items as being completed or not.

type SetCompleted Uses

type SetCompleted struct {
    Index     int
    Completed bool

SetCompleted is an action which specifies the completed state of an existing item.

type SetFilter Uses

type SetFilter struct {
    Filter model.FilterState

SetFilter is an action which sets the filter for the viewed items.

type SetTitle Uses

type SetTitle struct {
    Index int
    Title string

SetTitle is an action which specifies the title of an existing item.

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