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authPackage auth implements the authentication in use for gophish.
configPackage config implements a global configuration to be used with gophish.
contextPackage context provides the ability to store request-scoped values on an http.Request instance.
controllersPackage controllers is responsible for setting up the routing and controllers (http.Handlers) for gophish.
loggerPackage logger contains a wrapper around logrus to support a centralized logging config.
middlewarePackage middleware is responsible for the definition/implementation of middleware functionality.
middleware/ratelimitPackage ratelimit provides a simple token-bucket rate limiting middleware which only allows n POST requests every minute.
modelsPackage models implements the types and structs needed in gophish.
utilPackage util provides misc utility functions for gophish
webhookPackage webhook contains the functionality for handling outcoming webhooks.
workerPackage worker contains the functionality for the background worker process.

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