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package webhook

import ""

Package webhook contains the functionality for handling outcoming webhooks.


Package Files

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const (

    // DefaultTimeoutSeconds is the number of seconds before a timeout occurs
    // when sending a webhook
    DefaultTimeoutSeconds = 10

    // MinHTTPStatusErrorCode is the lower bound of HTTP status codes which
    // indicate an error occurred
    MinHTTPStatusErrorCode = 400

    // SignatureHeader is the name of the HTTP header which contains the
    // webhook signature
    SignatureHeader = "X-Gophish-Signature"

    // Sha256Prefix is the prefix that specifies the hashing algorithm used
    // for the signature
    Sha256Prefix = "sha256"

func Send Uses

func Send(endPoint EndPoint, data interface{}) error

Send sends data to a single EndPoint

func SendAll Uses

func SendAll(endPoints []EndPoint, data interface{})

SendAll sends data to multiple EndPoints

func SetTransport Uses

func SetTransport(tr *http.Transport)

SetTransport sets the underlying transport for the default webhook client.

type EndPoint Uses

type EndPoint struct {
    URL    string
    Secret string

EndPoint represents a URL to send the webhook to, as well as a secret used to sign the event

type Sender Uses

type Sender interface {
    Send(endPoint EndPoint, data interface{}) error

Sender represents a type which can send webhooks to an EndPoint

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